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Industry Benchmarks

Key industry performance metrics to monitor and contrast against your company

  • Developed from a large sample of industry manufacturers
  • See National Indexes updated daily
  • Subscriptions available to access expanded performance metrics
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Data Store

Our Data Store offers you access to unique prescription data.
Store level information - prescriptions at the store, with details exclusive to VCIQ

  • Perform co-pay analysis
  • Evaluate secondary and tertiary payers
  • Understand "True Cash" vs "Traditional Cash" payments

Speciality Product performance in Retail.

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Store Level Pharmacy Comparatives through VCIQ-RxView

  • Participating pharmacies in the VCIQ data programs see how their store performs compared with others in their zip code, region, state, and nationally.
  • The VCIQ RxView app is available with pre-established reports to help the pharmacist and store owner better understand business performance.

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Social Media Analysis

Learn what influencers and consumers are saying about your company, product category and products

  • Helps manufacturers stay focused on how their products and competitive products are perceived in the marketplace
  • Postings from the widely deployed platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or the more focused and limited distribution platforms such as message boards and blogs
  • Comprehensive dashboards delivered to you by VCIQ social media analysts on your desktop or mobile devices

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